Active network equipment is the link between the individual components of the corporate LAN. It is necessary for organizing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise and is designed to provide efficient and secure information traffic, as well as to amplify and transform signals. The term "active" comes from the principles of operation, since all devices of this equipment operate on the electrical network. Active elements include the following devices:

  • routers;

  • switches;

  • hubs;

  • access point Wi-Fi;

  • network adapters;

  • repeaters;

  • media converters ;

  • IP cameras, etc.

Now almost all active network equipment has “intelligent” features. It provides the transfer of information from computers and mobile devices, collecting and sorting it into packages, as well as distributing them over the available channels and even independently creating additional communication channels if necessary. Active network equipment is also designed to provide load balancing when sending and receiving packets. This allows you to efficiently use available resources and protect equipment from failure.

SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA offers active network equipment based on the tasks and needs of the Customer's business. We have years of experience with high-performance equipment from leading manufacturers: Cisco, HPE, DELL, Ruckus, ZyXEL, D-Link, TP-Link, Huawei, ASUS and select the network equipment based on the analysis and the individual characteristics of customer's infrastructure.