Business activity requires the prompt solution of a variety of tasks related to reducing the cost of products or services, entering new markets, maintaining documentation and much more. Considerable assistance in the activities of the modern enterprise has a development of IT-infrastructure. From its characteristics depend on the effectiveness of work and costs that your organization has to bear for reliable operation. SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA has many years of experience in the implementation of network projects of varying complexity, which meet the highest customer requirements in accordance with the proven ISO 9001 quality standard.


IT infrastructure requirements

You've probably wondered what qualities of your company's IT infrastructure are the most important. What should companies that design networks consider?

There are many generally accepted norms, but the following requirements are imposed on any network:

  • improving the efficiency of business processes;

  • no failures and accidents, stress resistance, reliable operation of hardware and software with high network bandwidth;

  • protection against intrusion of strangers into the internal network;

  • the construction of networks should ensure effective control of information circulation and the distribution of user rights;

  • inviolability of confidential information, protection from accidental or malicious irreversible damage to data and software;

  • comfortable working conditions for employees of any level.


What is included in the IT infrastructure of an enterprise

IT-infrastructure combines the resources and information technology. It includes computers, networks, data centers and individual servers, wired and wireless communication systems, as well as databases and software that serves infrastructure elements - network active equipment. All active devices capable of working in the network must form a single whole and be centrally controlled. For their connection, fiber-optic and copper cables, patch cords and patch panels, terminals, connectors, sockets and other network passive equipment are used.

The basis of the IT infrastructure is a structured cabling system (SCS), which is a combination of communication lines and switching equipment. It may include local area networks, video surveillance and security systems, as well as telephone channels. Building a corporate network is practically impossible without the use of such types of communication as fiber-optic lines and wireless solutions. Optical fiber is necessary to ensure maximum bandwidth and wireless connectivity provides the necessary mobility and efficiency.


What do we offer

High reliability of the IT infrastructure can be ensured using only high-quality equipment. SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA offers solutions based on the products of the following well-known leading manufacturers of network equipment:

- Cisco

- D-link


- Dahua

- Dell


- Aruba

- AMP NetConnect

- Fortinet

- Molex Premise Networks

- Huawei


- Ruckus

- Panduit


- R&M and etc.

- Asus

  • Equipment from leading manufacturers used by engineers of SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA allows you to create a scalable network of any level - from peer-to-peer, with a minimum number of workstations, to a corporate network with an extensive multi-level infrastructure. High-quality switches, routers and interface converters, in combination with correctly selected and configured software, make it possible to create an effective fault-tolerant system.

  • SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA designs and installs structured systems of copper and fiber-optic cables, creates secure wireless networks, organizes reliable protection of the corporate network from outside intrusion. The introduction of multi-level data access systems will ensure the safe and effective use of confidential information, and the use of specialized software will allow predicting threats and avoiding data leaks caused by accidental or malicious actions of employees. Engineers will connect your employees' mobile devices to the corporate network, by special configuration and software debugging, they will ensure secure exchange of information and prevent unauthorized access.

  • We offer each customer a 25-year SCS warranty, provided that certified equipment and materials are used that meet the vendor's standards.

  • Certified engineers will build networks that meet your business needs, based on years of experience in the design and implementation of IT infrastructures, as well as through close cooperation with suppliers.

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