Fiber-optic networks built on the basis of fiber-optic cables, the most important advantage of which is high bandwidth. Corporate networks, organized using fiber-optic networks, have a number of advantages that make investments in their construction profitable from both the technical and financial sides. Their advantages include the following features:

  • Complete immunity to the influence of electromagnetic fields and impulse noise .

  • High security of communication lines from penetration and unauthorized access to the network, since the optical fiber practically does not radiate electromagnetic waves into space.

  • Long range of information transmission. It is possible to build network sections without repeaters for transmitting data over a distance of up to 100 km

  • Durability of communication lines. Fiber optic degrades slightly over time, with a standard service life of up to 25 years without noticeable degradation.

The SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA company designs fiber-optic networks taking into account the forecast of the customer's infrastructure development. When building networks, we use high-quality optical fiber with a low attenuation coefficient, as well as equipment and accessories produced by leading manufacturers of equipment for fiber-optic networks.